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Bootstraping Angular with Yeoman,Grunt and Bower

View event on Meetup.comDateSunday, January 25, 2015, 8:00 AM Happy New Year !! Join the first online meet up of 2015, goal is to have a series of Meetups on Javascript, Angular, UI development for Java developers. World has moved from nTier to Client Server stack, where […]

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Hadoop Certification Questions and Calc Avg Temp Based on Weather data

Overview In this session, we will focus on Hadoop Certification Questions for Cloudera as well as go through the Weather program, where will calculate the average temp per month based on the data collected from weather sensors of NASA. Certification Questions Sample Hadoop Clouder certification questions, There […]

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Java Interview Qn Threads – Why Java has added wait(),notify() methods in Object class, even when we don’t use it

  MultiThreading Java Interview Quesion? We all know, the mother of all classes i.e Object class has wait(), notify(), notifyall() methods. Now question is, many times we don’t write a program which is multithreaded, then Why Object class wait() and notify() methods. They could have been a […]

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Running The Hadoop Examples Wordcount

Introduction   Introduction This is the followup session notes, from the earlier session on Hadoop Wordcount program and notes. In earlier session, we covered Why wordcount and the anatomy of it, Also, wrote the program in eclipse. In this session we will * How to Run wordcount […]

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Hadoop Map Reduce – WordCount Program and Notes

Map Reduce Note – class room notes for Nov 28 Analysing Google Search Algorithm Lets take a e.g, if Google has to do indexing of all the say 1billion pages according to, how will it do it e.g lets say you search category search terms hadoop adoop […]

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Hadoop Installation Overview – Part1 – Single Node

Hadoop Installation Overview – Single Node Part1 Overview This is the part1 of Hadoop installation document, We will be covering installing hadoop on a Single VM enviroment. Both namenode and datanode will run on the same VM. Assumption This document assumes that VMWare box is already installed […]

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Hadoop Installation Overview – Part2 – Sudo Distribution

Hadoop installation Overview – Sudo Distribution Overview This is the part 2 of Hadoop installation document, in part1 we covered installing hadoop with NameNodes,DataNotes on a single VM enviroment. In Sudo Distribution, we will Install 2 instances of VM, where one machine will act as a NameNode+DataNode […]

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Git – How to Clone a Remote Branch from Github

When there are many branches, and they are at different phase of commits, we got to be extra careful that the local remote branch reflects the exact status of the remote branch. Below is the command which will allow you to clone the exact branch to your […]

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Angular Goodness – Display the JSON Object as a String for Debugging

During development, we always want to know the current status of the JSON Object, as this objects state keeps getting changed based on User actions as well as $http interaction. AngularJS, has a built in filter called JSON which allows to convert the JSON object to String […]

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Angularjs Goodness – How to run Jquery scripts/apply styles after the table has been populated by ngRepeat

It is touch sometimes for JQuery and Angular to coexist esp. when there are external jquery scripts which are also manipulating the dom and Angular is reluctant to give the control over the DOM. We had a jquery script which was applying some styles on the the […]

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