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Java Goodness – Top 5 Must know about JPA/Hibernate for Interviews

When appearing for Java interviews, you got to be strong in your DB, here are some of the basics you must know Difference between Hibernate and JPA JPA is J2EE5 specification on how the ORM layer should be implemented, so essentially its an Interface, But Hibernate-JPA is […]

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Angular Goodness : Dividing html files into header, footer and body

Clean code is always the best code, hence its best to divide the code in different categories, the most generic we always use is the header, footer and body. So far I had used tag in JSP, but how do we do it if we just have […]

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Angular Goodness : Angular way on how to be Silent on Success of REST Request

  In Angular, lets say you are making a REST call to get a List of Contacts,  but want to do nothing on the Success callback function, how will we achieve it using Angular. The Magic lies in angular.noop() ,   to do nothing on the success callback […]

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Top 5 Features in Java 7

  One of the core principles of Agile Programming, is to keep the Code DRY.  DO NOT REPEAT YOURSELF, KEEP THE CODE DRY. Below features of Java7 demonstrates it 1. Type Inference For Generic Instance Creation * Agile DRY Feature Map<String, List<String>) myMap = new HashMap; payday […]

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Groovy GoodNess – Converting a List to String

The more I work on Groovy more I love it and groovy console is a charm to try out things even for Java. Checkout the code below and Imagine if you have do the same code in Java, how much lines of Code it will be.   […]

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How to import and export Mysql DB as .mysql file from command line mysql client

In Projects, Often there is a need to Move the database from Server to Another, below is a very simple method of using command line mysql client, which comes in handy. Lets assume myportal is your project which has lots of tables which need to be exported. […]

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Spring Integration Hands On

View event on Meetup.comDateThursday, June 20, 2013, 7:00 PMVenueInComm , 3rd Floor   Hi Spring Integration is a very interesting framework, Must have for Java Developers. It sits on top of Spring, and allow easy Integration with other Services/APIs/Cloud in an enterprise environment skipping the mundane boilerplate logic and […]

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Setup and HandsOn with Sonar, Jenkins CI , Code Quality with Amazon EC2 Cloud

View event on Meetup.comDateWednesday, May 8, 2013, 7:00 PMVenueInComm , 3rd Floor Hi, We had a awesome meetup last week, been a pleasure. Join for this very interesting session to know the Ins and Outs of Sonar, Jenkins CI Setup and hands on. The Objectives of this […]

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Setup Your Java Dev Enviorment with Single Click

Its been my experience that it takes a quite of lot of effort to Install and Configure your Java Development Environment for you start producing quality code. And it is a daunting task for the freshers. Single Click Java Env Installer address it, it will install All […]

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Spring AOP Decoded

View event on Meetup.comDateWednesday, April 17, 2013, 7:00 PMVenueInComm , 3rd Floor Hi, Last session we covered one of the main pillars of Spring, viz. Spring IOC. AOP-Aspect Oriented Programing, is the second pillar of Core Spring, and as a developer we need to be know ins […]

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